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Windows 11 Now Available on Sauce Labs

Posted Jan 11th, 2022

by Michelle Chen, Abigail Kurtzman

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EPAM Testing-as-a-Service, Powered by Sauce Labs

Posted Dec 9th, 2021

by Sauce Labs


macOS Monterey with Safari 15 Now Available on Sauce Labs

Posted Dec 7th, 2021

by Michelle Chen, Abigail Kurtzman

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Getting Started With Sauce Labs Low-Code Automated Web Testing

Sauce Labs Low-Code Automated Web Testing is here! This release focuses on expanded integrations …

Posted Nov 18th, 2021

by Sauce Labs

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Frequently Asked Questions About Selenium 4

Posted Oct 29th, 2021

by Mike Donovan

Deque Systems and Sauce Labs are working together to allow customers to easily integrate accessibility testing into their quality processes, giving both testers and developers increased awareness and visibility into accessibility signals at every level of the software development process.

The Importance of Accessibility

The partnership between Deque and Sauce Labs enables Sauce customers to easily integrate …

Posted Jul 20th, 2021

by Marcus Merrell

Roundtable discussions

Shifting Performance Testing Left with Sauce Performance

In this blog post, Abigail Kurtzman reviews the benefits of adding a front-end performance testing …

Posted Apr 29th, 2021

by Abigail Kurtzman


Speed Up JavaScript Test Automation on the Sauce Cloud

Learn how Sauce Labs seamlessly integrates Cypress, Playwright and TestCafe tests to run at scale …

Posted Feb 18th, 2021

by Nancy Zenger

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End-to-End Testing for Sauce Visual Solution Now Available

End-to-End (E2E) testing for the Sauce Visual solution is now available, which means organizations …

Posted Feb 16th, 2021

by Larry Ho

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ACTION REQUIRED: Secure Your Testing Experience - Best Practices for Updating Sauce Connect

This post provides the latest news about Sauce Connect, including new features, security …

Posted Dec 2nd, 2020

by Zuzana Bodikova

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Parallelize Your JavaScript Tests In CI/CD

The Sauce Labs Testrunner Toolkit makes setting up, writing, and running web tests easier and …

Posted Oct 14th, 2020

by Nancy Zenger

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test.allTheThings() with Cypress and TestCafe

We have expanded support for two more “developer-focused” testing frameworks: Cypress and TestCafe. …

Posted Jul 16th, 2020

by Alissa Lydon

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How to Test Image Upload Functionality

Posted Jun 10th, 2020

by Heather Wellington

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Look, No Strings! Puppeteer, Jest, and Sauce Labs

Posted May 12th, 2020

by Matthew Wyman

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Using Data to Improve Test Efficiency

Update: Test Analytics is now [Sauce …

Posted Mar 16th, 2020

by Alissa Lydon

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Sauce Connect and Sauce Visual Integration

Posted Feb 20th, 2020

by Larry Ho


Summarizing 2019 Real Device Cloud Enhancements

Posted Dec 18th, 2019

by Asaf Saar

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Something to be Thankful For: Easier Testing Resource Administration

Posted Nov 26th, 2019

by Alissa Lydon

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Announcing Simple Sauce

Posted Nov 18th, 2019

by Josh Grant

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Are You Ready For Testing on iPhone 11 and iOS 13?

Posted Sep 20th, 2019

by Heather Wellington

Shift Left? Headless Browsers? What Does It All Mean?

Posted May 14th, 2019

by Alissa Lydon

SauceCon 2019: Testing and Tacos in Texas

Posted Apr 29th, 2019

by Rebecca Cramer

New Sauce Performance Offers Actionable Insights to Improve User Experience and Speed Delivery

Posted Apr 2nd, 2019

by Kimberly Falk

New Sauce Labs Node.JS Package

Posted Mar 29th, 2019

by Christian Bromann

Sauce Performance: Get Machine Learning-Driven Insights While Using Existing Selenium Scripts

Posted Feb 5th, 2019

by Clinton Sprauve

The What and Why of Headless Testing for Kubernetes

Posted Dec 4th, 2018

by Twain Taylor

New Headless Browser Testing Offered to Help Speed Development

Posted Nov 13th, 2018

by Rebecca Cramer

Advanced Support for iOS and Android Native Test Automation Frameworks Enhances Continuous Testing for Mobile App Development

Posted Sep 27th, 2018

by Rebecca Cramer

iPhone XS & XS Max Now Available on Our Real Device Cloud

Posted Sep 20th, 2018

by Clinton Sprauve

Sauce Labs Announces New Technology Alliance Program

Posted Jun 28th, 2018

by Rebecca Cramer

Mobile Testing with Carrier Network Connectivity

Posted Jun 12th, 2018

by Clinton Sprauve

WebDriver Moves To A W3C Recommendation

Posted Jun 8th, 2018

by Ken Drachnik

Flash is Dead, Long Live MP4

Posted May 30th, 2018

by Ken Drachnik

Continuous Testing in Practice: Test Intelligently by Tuning CI Pipeline Code

Posted May 23rd, 2018

by Greg Sypolt

Headless Browser Testing 101

Posted May 17th, 2018

by Daisy Tsang

How To Test Offline Modes of Web Applications on Sauce Labs

Posted Apr 19th, 2018

by Yaroslav Borets

Extended Debugging with Sauce Labs

Posted Apr 12th, 2018

by Greg Sypolt

XCUITest Now Available for the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud

Posted Mar 22nd, 2018

by Clinton Sprauve

Announcing Appium 1.7.2

Posted Jan 18th, 2018

by Isaac Murchie

Test Insights Now Available for Sauce Labs Customers

Posted Jan 16th, 2018

by Ken Drachnik

Announcing the GA of Extended Debugging

Extended Debugging helps you pinpoint the root cause of test failure by automatically providing JS …

Posted Dec 21st, 2017

by Ken Drachnik

iPhone X Now Available in Our Real Device Cloud

Posted Nov 9th, 2017

by Clinton Sprauve

Understand Test Failures and Flakes with Extended Debugging

Posted Oct 10th, 2017

by Ken Drachnik

Need to Test Your App on iOS 11?

Posted Sep 21st, 2017

by Clinton Sprauve

Appium 1.6.5 Released on Sauce Labs

Posted Jun 5th, 2017

by Isaac Murchie

Announcing New Team Activity Reports

New feature helps you more effectively track your Sauce usage among individuals, and quickly …

Posted May 17th, 2017

by Ken Drachnik

The Sauce Labs Slack Integration

Simplify Collaboration with Sauce and Slack

Posted May 4th, 2017

by Ken Drachnik

Announcing Sauce Labs New Real Device Cloud

Sauce Labs Announces Our US based Real Device Cloud with 500 Mobile Devices.

Posted Apr 27th, 2017

by Ken Drachnik

What We Learned On The Way To Our Billionth Test

Posted Apr 12th, 2017

by Rebecca Cramer

Move Over, Selenium 2: Why It’s Time to Upgrade to Selenium 3

Posted Mar 30th, 2017

by Greg Sypolt

Samsung Galaxy S7 gets Android 7.0 Nougat and New Devices

Posted Mar 21st, 2017

by Ely Hechtel

Sauce Labs Acquires TestObject

Posted Dec 8th, 2016

by Bill McGee

Introduction to Usability Testing

Posted Dec 5th, 2016

by Ashley Hunsberger

What Is a RESTful API?

Posted Nov 24th, 2016

by Ely Hechtel

The Sauce Labs HipChat Integration

Posted Nov 14th, 2016

by Yaroslav Borets

New Owner Filter on the Automated Builds Tab

Users want easy access to the jobs of other team members within an organization

Posted Nov 10th, 2016

by Yaroslav Borets

New Support for iOS 10 Simulator Testing and More Real Devices

iOS 10 is available on our simulators and we've released new iOS and Android devices.

Posted Oct 25th, 2016

by Ken Drachnik

Appium 1.6.0 Released on Sauce Labs!

Posted Oct 24th, 2016

by Jonathan Lipps

The Sauce Journey - Global Scrum

Posted Oct 20th, 2016

by Joe Alfaro

Windows 10 Anniversary Update & Edge 14 Now Available on Sauce Labs Along with New Screen Resolutions

Sauce now supports Windows 10 Anniversary update, Edge 14 browser and adds 11 additional screen …

Posted Oct 14th, 2016

by Ken Drachnik

The Sauce Labs Open Source Engineering Team

Posted Oct 13th, 2016

by Jonathan Lipps

New Atlassian JIRA and HipChat Integrations

Sauce Labs continues to extend our development ecosystem with new JIRA and HipChat integrations …

Posted Oct 12th, 2016

by Ken Drachnik

Announcing the DevOps Express Alliance

Posted Sep 14th, 2016

by The Sauce Labs Team

Selenium 3 is Coming!

Posted Sep 12th, 2016

by Simon Stewart

Sauce Updates OnDemand Plugin for Jenkins Pipeline

Posted Aug 10th, 2016

by Ken Drachnik

New Open Sauce UI and Refreshed Build Status Badges

Posted Jun 20th, 2016

by Yaroslav Borets

Appium 1.5.3 Released on Sauce

Posted Jun 8th, 2016

by Isaac Murchie

New: Use Atlassian Bitbucket with Sauce Labs

Posted May 24th, 2016

by Ken Drachnik

Appium 1.5.2 Released on Sauce

Posted Apr 26th, 2016

by Isaac Murchie

Announcing Sauce Connect Launcher

Posted Apr 8th, 2016

by Ken Drachnik

test.allTheThings() - Announcing General Availability of Real Device Cloud

Posted Mar 31st, 2016

by Ken Drachnik

Appium 1.5.1 Released on Sauce

Posted Mar 29th, 2016

by Isaac Murchie

New Browser Version Shortcuts

Posted Mar 10th, 2016

by Yaroslav Borets

A Bold New Look!

Posted Mar 1st, 2016

by Terri Avnaim

Appium 1.5 Released on Sauce Labs

Posted Feb 26th, 2016

by Jonathan Lipps

Recap: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Appium + What’s New in Appium 1.5 [Webinar]

Posted Feb 17th, 2016

by Bill McGee

Announcing New REST API Rate Limits

Posted Feb 3rd, 2016

by Yaroslav Borets

Introducing Stability Improvements to Sauce Connect

Posted Jan 5th, 2016

by Yaroslav Borets

The 12 Days of Test

Posted Dec 4th, 2015

by The Sauce Labs Team

Sauce Adds Automated Testing to Microsoft Visual Studio Online

Posted Nov 18th, 2015

by Bill McGee

Check out the New Sauce Labs Docs

Posted Nov 16th, 2015

by Ken Drachnik

New Default Selenium Driver Versions

Posted Oct 29th, 2015

by The Sauce Labs Team

iOS 9.1 Beta Support and Speed Improvements

Posted Oct 16th, 2015

by Ken Drachnik

Announcing Support for Microsoft Edge

Posted Aug 25th, 2015

by Bill McGee

New! Support for OS X 10.11 and iOS 8.3, 8.4 & 9.0

Posted Aug 12th, 2015

by Ken Drachnik

Updated Jenkins CI Plugin for Sauce

Posted Jul 29th, 2015

by Ken Drachnik

Windows 10 Support

Posted Jul 28th, 2015

by Ken Drachnik

The All New Sauce Labs UI

Posted Jun 11th, 2015

by Ken Drachnik

Now's the time to upgrade to Sauce Connect 4

Posted May 26th, 2015

by Ken Drachnik

Appium 1.4 Released on Sauce Labs, with Better Support for Semantic Versioning

Posted May 13th, 2015

by Jonathan Lipps

Appium Version 1.3.7 Released on Sauce Labs

Posted Mar 26th, 2015

by The Sauce Labs Team

Appium 1.3.6 Available on Sauce

Posted Mar 5th, 2015

by The Sauce Labs Team

How To Add Visual Testing To Existing Selenium Tests

Posted Feb 27th, 2015

by Dave Haeffner

DZone: Guide To Continuous Delivery [DOWNLOAD]

Posted Feb 4th, 2015

by Bill McGee

Recent Updates to Selenium Builder

Posted Dec 11th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Appium 1.3.4 Released on Sauce Labs

Posted Dec 4th, 2014

by Bill McGee

Sauce Connect Gets a Speed Boost & WebSocket Support

Posted Nov 20th, 2014

by The Sauce Labs Team

Coming Soon - A Reimagined Sauce Labs UI

Posted Nov 20th, 2014

by The Sauce Labs Team

Single Sign-On Support for Enterprise Now In Beta

Posted Nov 19th, 2014

by The Sauce Labs Team

Announcing Android 5 Support on Sauce Labs

Posted Nov 18th, 2014

by Bill McGee