10 Reasons Your Team Needs to Budget for Automated Testing

Posted Nov 21st, 2022

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This content was first published on December 6, 2017 and has been updated.

So you’re already convinced that automated testing can transform the software development lifecycle and help produce higher-quality products. But convincing management it’s a worthwhile investment? Especially if they're hesitant to add technology they don’t understand to a tight budget? That's a different story.

We've got you. Here are 10 rock-solid reasons why your organization needs a budget for automated testing.

1. Increasingly Great ROI

When you create an automated test, it takes a little time to design the test case and code the testing script. But upon completion, executing the test against the code base requires very little (if any) human interaction with the initial test providing more value each time you run the test suite.

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2. Test Often and Thoroughly

Automated testing is more reliable than running boring, repetitive standardized tests manually. Once a test script is created, you can reuse the script — or components of the script — for future tests without having to start from scratch. As you design and build additional tests, your test suite will continually increase the quality of your application. 

3. Allow Developers & Quality Engineers to Focus On Higher-Value Work

A QA team whose sole purpose is to test your application is a waste of your organization's most valuable resource. Automate your test suites and give your QA team more time to design additional test cases that ensure the error-free functionality of your application.

4. Expand the Scope of Your Test Coverage

Automated testing makes it easy to increase the volume and scale of testing to match your unique development needs. An automated test suite can complete happy path test cases much faster and with greater accuracy than a human tester. It can also test the same functionality while applying different what-if scenarios and expanding your test coverage.

5. Test Faster and Around the Clock

Automated tests are faster and more accurate than manual tests, giving you more time to focus on other priorities. Exactly how much faster will depend on the number of tests and the complexity of your application, but you can run tests 24/7 and remotely from anywhere in the world.

6. Reduce the Cost to Find Bugs

Automation helps you find bugs in the early stages of software development, reducing costs, and the hours of work required to fix them. The additional benefit of executing comprehensive tests quickly is you can validate new code changes as soon as they are checked into the application’s code base. 

7. Run Tests Simultaneously

A cloud-based automated testing solution like Sauce Labs, plus the repeatability of tests, means you can run the exact same test on multiple platforms at the same time. You can test more devices simultaneously with the same parameters and generate comparative detailed reports in much less time.

8. Testing Continuity

Automated testing helps testers see precisely what other engineers have done, what scripts have been written, what tests have been performed, and what bugs were already found and fixed. Testing continuity saves time, reduces duplicate work, and helps testers stay on the same page.

9. Improved Visibility into Test Results

Gathering the results of manually executed tests is time-consuming and tedious work. Modern test automation tools can provide you with not only error monitoring and reporting, but also video playback of failing, and even passing, test runs.

10. Improved Software Quality

Whether you call it testing, quality assurance, or quality engineering, the end goal of any test strategy is to ensure that the quality of your product is as high as possible. Automated testing expands both the coverage of your test suite and how often you can execute those steps. The final result is releasing better quality software faster and offering your customers a seamless error-free experience. 

Automated Testing Benefits Everyone!

Educating management on the significant benefits of automated testing is key to helping them understand how it can transform the software development lifecycle and help you create high-quality products that customers love. Happy, satisfied customers are more likely to remain loyal to your product and drive revenue growth for your organization.

To get started with automated testing today, sign up for a Sauce Labs free trial.

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