A Reading from the Book of Ruby

Posted Feb 22nd, 2013

The following is a post by Dylan Lacey. Kinda. He’s chosen to do it in interpretive dance easily digestible image format.

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This is San Francisco.

I am currently in San Francisco

I was recently there…



…because I am the new Ruby Developer Evangelist at Sauce Labs.


My job involves taking a fair few of these;


And sharing a lot of these. It’s a burden.



I’m here to help get Ruby developers up and running, helping them to Drink the Sauce.


It’s SO awesome.


I’m insanely thrilled to be working with such smart people on an amazing product!

My bailiwick is to make it better for Ruby developers to use Sauce Labs’ stuff, including improving the gems, writing better documentation and building the community. Plus, it’s a unique opportunity to use my personality to insult people all over the world! If you want to offend your manager, disrupt your office and get kicked out of your favorite bar for getting shouty about whether RSpec is better than Test::Unit, let me know. And if you want help with the Sauce Gem or tests from Ruby land, hit me up.

You can find me on (T) or (E)

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