Announcing Appium 1.7.2

Posted Jan 18th, 2018

The Open Source team and Appium Project are pleased to announce the availability of Appium 1.7.2. Appium 1.7.2 is a feature and bug fix release. It fixes many issues found in earlier releases. On Sauce Labs, it is available to be used by specifying the appiumVersion desired capability, either setting it to "latest", or to "1.7.2". Here is a summary of the release notes.


  • Fix memory leak in server logging
  • Add support for MacOS 10.13
  • Clean up logging to make messages more clear and useful
  • Add printPageSourceOnFindFailure to automatically log the current page source when finding an element or elements fails
  • Add ability to take screenshots of an element
  • Begin to handle Selenium W3C specification


  • Simulators
    • Clean up handling in Xcode 9
    • Add support for shake gesture (requires AppleScript)
    • Add support for custom geo locations (requires AppleScript)
    • Add possibility to clear caches
    • Make sure execution does not fail when trying to shut down simulators that are already shut down
  • Fix handling of source when within a frame/iframe, so that the source of the frame is retrieved instead of that of the top-most frameset
  • Fix error when unable to parse real device date/time, to return unparsable date rather than Invalid Date
  • Fix getting crash logs
  • Fix getting device logs in iOS 10+
  • Fix cleaning up of temporary files
  • Correctly handle device names for iPhone 7, 8 and X in Xcode 9
  • Fix screenshots for larger real devices
  • Fix runtime Xcode selection through DEVELOPER_DIR environment variable
  • Add useJSONSource desired capability to force Appium to use WDA JSON source and parse locally, to speed up source retrieval on larger devices
  • Fix file pushing/pulling so it works for simulators and real devices


  • Fix handling of install/upgrade of Appium helper apps (for settings manipulation and unlocking of devices)
  • Add support for Chromedriver 2.33 (which supports webviews on Android O)
  • Add showChromedriverLog desired capability to bring Chromedriver logs in-line in the Appium server logs
  • Fix error in stopping coverage when session failed to start
  • Add support for getting and setting animation state
  • Fix handling of size-limited text fields in API levels below 24
  • Add support for getting the current value of progress bars
  • Fix handling of initial orientation, and make sure no orientation is set if nothing is requested
  • Make sure all UiAutomator commands are properly handled
  • Ensure pageLoadStrategy capability is passed to Chromedriver
  • Add support to get currently running package name
  • Ensure non-working Chromedriver is correctly handled
  • Add password to retrievable element attributes
  • Fix locale/language setting
  • Add clearDeviceLogsOnStart desired capability, to clear adb logcat logs when the session is started
  • Add --relaxed-security server flag, and mobile: shell access to adb

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Written by

Isaac Murchie


AppiumMobile Testing