Announcing "Open Sauce" free unlimited testing for Open Source projects

Posted Dec 13th, 2012

For about a year, we've been quietly giving free testing support to some high profile open source projects, like Mozilla and the Selenium Project. As open source advocates and contributors ourselves, we know it's important to support projects that we benefit from on a regular basis. And what better way to do it then by providing the infrastructure that helps ensure new releases are fully tested? Given that history, we are very excited to announce today that we're taking this effort one huge leap forward and providing free "Open Sauce" accounts to any OSS project that could benefit from our automated and manual cross-browser testing services. If you have an open source project, simply sign up here and enter in your project's repository URL and a description of what it is. You'll automatically be enrolled in the plan, which provides unlimited testing minutes on up to three parallel VMs and access to all our features, including 96+ OS/browser combos, screenshots, debugging tools and more. In exchange, we just ask that you agree you will only use this account for your OSS project(s) and that all of your test results (videos, screenshots, and the Selenium log for Selenium testing) will be publicly accessible (we actually think this is an awesome thing, as it makes it super simple to share the tests with other developers). For more info, visit our Open Sauce page or sign up for an account. And if you'd like for us to list your project on Open Sauce, let us know. Happy (open source) testing!

Written by

Ashley Wilson


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