Announcing Travis CI for Mac and iOS, Powered by Sauce Labs

Posted Apr 4th, 2013

Today we're happy to announce that we're donating a slice of our OS X cloud to power Travis CI for Mac OS X. We love the service Travis CI provides for open source projects, and we're happy to be able to help bring that to OS X and iOS. Back when we launched our Mac and iOS Selenium testing platform, we also built a sophisticated OS X cloud, purely out of necessity. It's great to see our work on this finding more than one use case. So, why is CI for OS X and iOS important to us? For one thing, we've needed it ourselves. As contributors to the open source Appium mobile automation tool, we're enthusiastic Travis CI users, and we've been looking for a way to run full Appium builds complete with our iOS tests. This solves the problem not just for us, but for any open source project. Our hope is that this will be good for open source on OS X and iOS. In particular, we think iOS dev tools and libraries will benefit from easy, free CI. Making software everywhere better is what drives us at Sauce, and we view this project as thoroughly in line with that goal. To get started, just add the following line to the .travis.yml for your iOS library or Mac application: language: objective-c Check out the Travis CI post for more info. And don't miss our blog post on using Travis CI and Sauce together to fully cloudify your build. Finally, we're working with Travis CI to make OS X and iOS builds available for private repositories. If you're developing an iOS app and need CI and testing, we'd love to talk to you about it. Get in touch at Happy testing on Mac and iOS!

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Steven Hazel


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