Free Sauce Hack Day This Thursday

Posted Nov 1st, 2011

The Saucers are opening our office doors for our first ever Sauce Hack Day this Thursday, Nov. 3, from 2pm-6pm PST. If you're a developer or tester working with Selenium, functional testing, continuous integration, javascript testing (really, anything to do with testing), then come on by to Sauce Labs at 500 3rd St, Ste 240 in San Franicsco for a couple hours of chatting, hacking and hanging out. Perhaps you've been pondering whether or not to set up your own Selenium Grid. Or maybe your boss has tasked you with overhauling your company's current testing process in favor of automation. Or maybe you've heard a lot about Sauce but just haven't quite figured out what you would get out of using it. No matter your motives, this hack day is your chance to get some insights and advice from folks who were once in the same boat as you, and to walk away knowing more than you did. We'll be on hand to answer questions and chat about topics that might include how to get started using Sauce with Selenium, the pros and cons of switching from Selenium 1 to Selenium 2, the basic "things-to-know" if you want to offload your testing to Sauce Labs, testing best practices, and more. We'll provide space for you to work in, food, and plenty of beer, soft drinks and water. We ask that you provide a RSVP to the event, your own laptap and power supply. See you there!

Written by

Ashley Wilson