Guess the Worst Browser and Win Our Hot Sauce!

Posted Aug 12th, 2013

Sauce Labs worst browser contest

We've been having some fun poking around the large amount of data we have, and thought it'd be great to bring everybody in on the fun. By looking at metadata on the over 50 million tests run on Sauce, we can see which browsers cause the most errors. Sometimes errors we see are caused by connectivity issues or bugs in code. But sometimes, those errors are caused by the browser itself crashing. Sauce will actually reboot the browser and rerun the test when this happens, without you even knowing (magic!), but we record all the instances of this happening. From this, we can see the error rate of all the different browsers we support. On 8/20, we'll unveil our findings on the blog!

Which brings us to the contest!

Until Monday 8/19, tweet us @saucelabs what you think the browser and version (one guess only, please!) with the highest error rate is with the hashtag #worstbrowser. If you guess the correct browser and version, we'll send you a bottle of our famous hot sauce!

Written by

Bill McGee


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