Happy New Year from the CEO of Sauce Labs

Posted Jan 4th, 2013

As we turn the page on a new year, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the changes Sauce brought to the world in 2012 and what’s coming in 2013.

We delivered on four key strategic initiatives in 2012:

  • Broad open source community support
  • Mobile (and Mac) offering and mobile automation community leadership
  • A new desktop client giving Mac users direct access to the 100 browser / OS combinations in our cloud and
  • Resolved the system issues that led to our late-2011 scalability issues and enabled us to deliver on our design goal of four-nines (99.99%) availability to our users

Open Source Community Support: In 2012 we began offering free use of our cloud service to the Selenium and Mozilla Projects. We’re big fans of open source and saw this as an opportunity to do more for the community. The appreciation expressed back to Sauce by these two projects was so humbling we realized we were missing an even greater opportunity: to make our service available for free to any open source project that would benefit from access to the 100 browser / OS combinations in the Sauce cloud. And so in December we announced Open Sauce, generating enthusiasm across the open source community. Mobile: In August, Sauce introduced a number of industry firsts. We launched the world’s first publicly-accessible Mac OS X cloud. We introduced the first cloud-based mobile emulator service for Android and iOS devices. Customer adoption was the fastest of anything we ever released—until Sauce for Mac (see below).

We then organized the first-ever Mobile Testing Summit, bringing together top open source contributors from around the world to talk about and share ideas about how to solve the major new challenges that mobile presents to automated software practices. The intense collaboration among participants and resulting breakthroughs for mobile automation was thrilling. Watch this space for significant announcements early in the new year :-).

Sauce for Mac: User excitement about our December introduction of Sauce for Mac bowled us over. Users downloaded over 10,000 copies of Sauce for Mac during its first three weeks in the Apple App Store. The number of blog posts and tweets about Sauce for Mac blasted past that for any previous announcement from Sauce.

Scalability and Stability: Those of you who were with us in late 2011 know that surging demand brought us some stability issues. From the beginning our vision for the Sauce service was that users should just forget that it’s there. We needed to do better. So in early 2012 we stopped building new features and dedicated all available resources to re-architecting the Sauce cloud service infrastructure. In May we wrote in detail about our experience. Since then, Sauce users have enjoyed nearly four-nines (99.99%) availability / uptime and infrastructure-related error rates below one in 10,000.

Customer Acceptance Customers responded enthusiastically to the progress Sauce made during the year. During 2012 we were fortunate to enter major Enterprise contracts with Fortune 500 companies in the SaaS, financial services and software publishing (each included rigorous review of our security systems and practices). Our growth rate was strong and continues to look even better looking into 2013.

Looking forward into 2013 Customers can look forward to the following from Sauce in 2013:

  • Continued improvement to our rock-solid stability
  • Expansion of supported platforms
  • Deeper integrations with CI systems with emphasis on richer, concentrated information to help you accelerate your deploy cycle
  • Simpler and more feature-rich integrations with major frameworks for Java, Ruby, PHP, Python and JavaScript.
  • Deeper product reach into mobile test automation

Wishing you a Happy New Year We love what we do at Sauce Labs. And we all work extremely hard at it. And so we appreciate deeply the positive response we receive from you, our customers. Thank you one and all for the support and confidence you have placed in Sauce Labs.

On the behalf of all of Sauce Labs and our respected partners, allow me to wish you a wonderful and prosperous 2013!

Written by

John Dunham


Mobile Testing