Jon Austen Runs JMeter on Sauce Labs, with Result Updating!

Posted Mar 31st, 2015

Sauce customer Jon Austen reached out to share how he bent Apache JMeter to his will, not only running tests against Sauce Labs, but also calling the REST API afterwards to update the Job's metadata. (JMeter is a load testing and performance measuring tool from the Apache project. It has Selenium capabilities, so can be used to do functional testing of your sites, which is where Sauce Labs shines. We don't really recommend building a load test suite using Sauce Labs as your primary source of load.) We asked if he'd let us share his awesome work with all of you, and he said we could because he is a total champ. He also posted his repo to Twitter, where he's @austinjt. Jon Says:
Just sharing. I'm the first person to ever try this as far as I know: Example project showing Jmeter running Chrome driver tests : To run it yourself : 1. Download the SauceLabs-Example.jmx project file from: 2. Create your own free 2-thread SauceLabs account and enter your SAUCEUSER and SAUCEKEY into the "User Defined Variables" section in the Jmeter project. 3. Run the tests and then check SauceLabs for the test result. 4. You should get a result something like this: The awesome thing here is that after Jmeter runs the browser tests, it calls the SauceLabs API to update the test status, test name, tags, and build#. Keep in mind that running this project requires Jmeter WebDriver plugins version 1.2.1 as well as groovy-all.jar . -Jon

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