Meet the Experts: Josh Grant

Posted Jul 14th, 2020


One thing we’re particularly proud of around here is our team of automated testing experts and open source contributors. We’ve got a whole team of people who eat, sleep, and breathe testing—and love to share their knowledge with others. This is the next in a series of posts highlighting our team of experts, featuring Sauce Labs solutions architect and Python expert Josh Grant. 


Sauce Labs solutions architect Josh Grant works closely with enterprise customers answering questions about test automation, best practices, and test strategy. “The best part of my job is seeing how all different teams work on test automation,” says Josh. “I get to see the tools and approaches they’re using and what’s working and what’s not. That gives me a great overview of what’s happening across lots of different teams.” 

Josh is Sauce’s resident expert in the Python programming language. He loves Python because it can be used for so many things. In fact, he even wrote the book on it! Check out How to Use Python to Automate Almost Anything, available on Amazon, and check out his latest Continuous Testing Meetup recording, PyTest: The Awesome Parts.

What would Josh tell someone just getting started with testing? Start small. Begin with a small number of tests, get them working well, and then build on that successful foundation as you go. 

For other advice (on testing and life!) hear more from Josh in this short video. 

Written by

Rebecca Cramer