New Support for iOS 10 Simulator Testing and More Real Devices

Posted Oct 25th, 2016

iOS 10 is available on our simulators and we've released new iOS and Android devices.

The wait for automated testing with iOS 10 is over!  With the release of Appium 1.6.0 on Sauce Labs, you can now run iOS 10 tests on our simulators. As you may already be aware, iOS 10 came with a significant change to the underlying test framework used, from UIAutomation to XCUITest. Two major changes had to occur for Sauce Labs to support iOS 10 simulator testing.

First, the Appium open source project had to update Appium to be able to support the new XCUITest framework. This came in the form of the new appium-xcuitest-driver, and a new minor version of Appium: 1.6.0. Once this was released, Sauce had to provide support for this new version on our cloud service so our customers could utilize it for iOS 10 testing.

Second, Sauce had to investigate changes in Xcode 8.0 in order to ensure that the iOS 10 simulators would build and work properly on our Mac images. Although this took longer than originally anticipated, the upgrades that the Sauce engineering team have made to our internal build and deploy frameworks significantly accelerated the pace at which we are able to release support for iOS 10 once all the checks were completed.   Going forward, we aim to be able to support new versions of iOS simulators (including beta and minor versions) within a week of release from Apple.

We also have added new iOS devices to our Read Device Cloud (RDC). These include:

iPad Air 2 w/ iOS 9.3
iPhone SE w/ iOS 9.3
Google Nexus 5X w/ Android 6.0
Google Nexus 6P w/ Android 6.0

Our goal is to have sufficient devices to support automated testing with no waiting.  We continue to add devices on a regular cadence to our RDC and plan to support iOS 10 and Android 7.0 soon.  Check out our devices page the complete list of available real devices.  And, we've updated our platform configurator so you can easily generate code snippets for iOS 10 testing.  For details on how to test on mobile devices, we have some great docs to walk you through the process.

Happy Testing!

Written by

Ken Drachnik


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