Now Serving up OS X 10.8 and iOS 6 in the Sauce Cloud

Posted Oct 19th, 2012

Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) and the new iOS 6 have been pretty buzzy lately - but automated testing on both these platforms has been limited, if not impossible, to date. But fear no more! Sauce Labs is the first to serve up support for automated browser testing on Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 and iOS 6 platforms. To try it out in OS X 10.8, simply add the following to your existing Selenium tests:

caps['platform'] = 'Mac 10.8'

To test iOS 6, add:

caps['platform'] = 'Mac 10.8'
caps['version'] = '6'

We had a couple of tricks up our sleeve to make this happen. First, in August we told you we had leveraged the KVM project (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) for our launch of automated testing on Mac and Mobile browsers. For Mountain Lion, we worked closely with the inimitable @renebln to extend that support to OS X 10.8. Then came another tricky piece: getting a patch written for Selenium that allowed rotation of the emulator in iOS 6. After one of our Saucers got that wrapped up this week, all the pieces were in place for the Sauce Labs cloud to start spinning up these platforms so you could test them out. Isn’t it great to have Sauce take care of these OS upgrades for you? We like to think so, anyway. Let us know if you see any issues or bugs with these platforms. Otherwise, continued happy testing!

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