Sauce Labs 2011 Year In Review

Posted Dec 29th, 2011

As we tie the bow on another year, on the behalf of everyone here at Sauce Labs, allow me to thank each of you for participating in the Sauce story this past year—and take a moment to share some of the highlights. It has been a thrilling and humbling 12 months for all of us here at Sauce. Our user base grew dramatically, we expanded our product offering to include manual testing in the cloud, and continued to deliver on our vision for making software testing as fast and easy as possible. On the humbled side, we learned we need to do better at staying ahead of fast-rising demand for our service. We know our users place great importance on and expect scalability and reliability from us. Being surprised by unexpectedly strong growth does not relieve our duty to deliver on that. We’re taking steps to ensure we meet that expectation going forward. In 2011 we saw rapid change and broke many records. Just to share with you a few of our favorites, we: Record usage levels:
  • Passed the 10,000,000 completed tests mark on Sauce OnDemand
  • Watched as over 2,000 different customers used our service every month
  • Experienced a 21% month-on-month growth of cloud revenue since Jan 2011
  • Counted our 300th paying customer
Product expansion
  • Introduced Sauce Cloud, which enables us to deliver 500 virtual machines in under 50 seconds (currently limited to 150 per user)
  • Added Selenium 2 support
  • Added Sauce Scout to our product offering for visual / manual testing
Market and community context:
  • Began hosting the integration tests for the Selenium 2 project as a service to the Selenium community
  • Watched Selenium eclipse HP’s QTP on job posting aggregation site to become the number one requisite job experience / skill for on-line posted automated QA jobs (2700+ vs ~2500 as of this writing)
  • Lead the community effort to hold the first-ever Selenium Conference
  • Organized 16 Selenium meetups spanning CA, MA and NY, and inspired the creation of five new Selenium meetup groups world-wide.
The dramatic growth we experienced this year—and the strength of the user communication received when we creaked under load—have underscored for us the importance of the Sauce Labs mission. We love what we do and so appreciate knowing how much it matters to you, our customers. So again, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks for supporting us, for giving our mission great meaning. From all of us here at Sauce, we wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2012. Happy New Year! - John Dunham CEO and Co-Founder

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John Dunham


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