Sauce Labs Turns Five!

Posted Jul 30th, 2013

Sauce Labs turns 5 today

We're celebrating our fifth birthday today! First off, we'd like to thank all our users, who are the reason we work so hard to do what we do. In honor of five years of making testing awesome, here's a quick look back at where Sauce has come in those five years:

Over 52 million tests & 100 million test minutes run

That's a lot of tests!

Over 10,000 active users

We <3 our users! Nothing brings us more joy than hearing our users' stories and helping make their lives easier. Except maybe green builds.

150+ Browser/OS platforms supported

We're proud to give users access to browsers that are difficult to support and maintain, and are always working to support more.

From web only testing to traditional web, native, hybrid and mobile web app testing

We started off as a Selenium automated testing company, but we've expanded our platform over the years. Our users now use us for automated and manual testing, JavaScript unit testing, native, hybrid, and mobile web app testing.

Still an open source company and contributor

We feel strongly about open source, and continue to support and contribute to open source projects like Selenium and Appium. Thanks for joining us for the ride, there's a lot more awesome sauce to come!

Written by

Bill McGee


Automated Testing