Share Your Scariest Testing Nightmare - You May Win An Apple Watch!

Posted Oct 9th, 2015

On October 27th, Sauce Labs will partner with and a host of industry influencers in publishing real examples of some of the biggest, most horrifying Testing Nightmares.

Halloween is all about scary stories, and we know there are plenty of 'em in software testing. We invite you to contribute yours (anonymously is ok) by sharing your scariest real life example of a test project or software release gone badly.

To thank you for your submission we'll send you a $10 Starbucks gift card (U.S. only). Your story will also be in the running for our top ten scariest testing nightmares list, which will be published on the Sauce Labs blog, social media, and may potentially appear in an online trade publication. One random winner out of our final ten will be selected for a grand prize of an Apple Watch.

Here are the rules: your story must be real, shared in 50 – 200 words, and you must agree for it to appear in print and for its use by Sauce Labs. Participants can choose to keep their names or that of the company or project anonymous, but in this case must provide a descriptor of the organization – such as: “a large financial company,” or “a Valley social media startup.”

If you’re interested in participating, please submit your story by Thursday, October 22nd and we’ll throw it into the bubbling cauldron of scary testing stories. The more ghoulsome, the better, so tell us your biggest, baddest testing nightmare!

Here's my scary story!

Written by

Bill McGee


Software Testing