Summarizing 2019 Real Device Cloud Enhancements

Posted Dec 18th, 2019


Are you new to Sauce Labs or curious about the latest updates to our Real Device Cloud?  Our development teams here at Sauce Labs have had a busy year! As we close out 2019, we’d like to take a minute to recognize all the work that has been completed to enhance our Real Device Cloud—achieving our goal to further simplify mobile test automation for our users and streamline testing on real devices.  

Summary of enhancements:

  • Device Vitals: Allows users to see device performance and debug in real time. Device Vitals is a feature available on Real Devices that collects useful performance data in real time from a device during a live or automated session. Data such as network, CPU, and memory usage helps users understand the general performance of a device and the application under test. Users can view a graph of this performance data in real time as the app is processing.

  • Virtual USB : Allows developers to test locally without having to leave their test environment. With Virtual USB for Real Devices, users can simulate connecting a real Android device via a USB cable directly to their local machine during a live or automated testing session. For mobile application and web browser testing, Virtual USB lets users interact directly with a device in the Sauce Labs cloud via an integrated development environment like Android Studio and Xcode, or browser-based tools like Chrome DevTools and Safari Web Inspector. Virtual USB for iOS devices is in beta.

  • Face and Touch ID: Allows users to test biometric authentication on iOS devices during a live or automated session.  For users testing either Touch ID or Face ID, you can now choose from the two authentication options during a live session using the Biometric Authentication Tool.

  • Microsoft App Center: Allows users to use the latest app build distributed via Microsoft App Center (replacing HockeyApp, which has reached EOL). After a quick setup with Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud, users can start testing their latest builds from App Center.

  • Enterprise readiness: Our dev teams are most excited about zero downtime deployments meaning we can now rapidly release new features, deploy anytime without any downtime for our customers, with much faster debugging.

In addition to these new features and capabilities, the team continues to rapidly support new OS and device versions within 48 hours of release from Apple and Android. Recently, we offered the latest iPhone 11 series and iOS 13 on our Real Device Cloud on the same day! 

For reference, all our product release notes are available here

What’s coming in 2020

We’re excited for what’s coming next.  The future is bright with new innovations on the horizon.  The team is growing and we have a clear focus on making web and mobile app testing easier for our users, including a new emphasis on AI/ML and exploring how we can use AI to assist with automating tests.  To see what we have in the works, schedule a call with your account rep or contact us if you’re new to Sauce, and we’d be happy to discuss.

Asaf Saar is Senior Director of Product Management at Sauce Labs. Previously Chief Product Owner at Perfecto Mobile, Founder and CEO at TenKod and Area Product Owner of Software Engineering at SAP.

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