Tech Talk: Test Coverage with Atomic Tests, Part 5

Posted Jan 16th, 2020

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A key component to fast test execution and successful test automation is to clean up duplications and have a lot of atomic tests. What is an atomic test? An atomic test is simply testing a single item. This could be a single feature or a single function to validate that it is working.

Hear from Nikolay Advolokin, Solutions Architect, as he continues to share some of his best practices for Automated Testing. In this Tech Talk, he breaks down further what an atomic test is and why having lots of them is beneficial for test coverage. He outlines a few reasons why you should avoid non-atomic tests and if possible, to split them out into smaller atomic tests.

Advancing further, Nikolay reveals the different ways to set an application state using Javascript injection, restful API, database manipulation, and cookies to create atomic tests.

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Larry Ho


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