Upcoming Selenium Events: Page Object Model, Optimizing Test Performance, and More

Posted Jun 21st, 2012

June and July are busy months for the Selenium and Sauce community. Check out these meetups happening across the country (and world), and let us know if we’re missing anything. Hope to see you there! June 21: PDX Selenium Meetup Beyond Page Object Patterns By Sam Woods, Software Development Engineer in Test at WebTrends Learn about the evolution of automated UI tests from "scripts" to fully functional, maintainable, reliable abstracted automated test cases using the page object pattern. June 27: Colombo Selenium Meetup Selenium's Journey By Jason Huggins, Co-Founder of Sauce Labs Get an introduction to Selenium's colorful history in this virtual meetup with Jason Huggins, original creator of Selenium. July 9th: Boston Selenium Meetup July 11th: DC Selenium Meetup Optimizing Selenium for Executed Performance By Santiago Suarez Ordoñez, Selenium Ninja at Sauce Labs This talk will cover test writing tips gathered over the years from helping hundreds of Selenium users and engineers make their tests run faster and more reliably, independently of the technology stack used. We’ll be talking about things such data independence, making atomic tests and generating application state. July 10th: Continuous Delivery NYC Meetup Continuous Delivery at New Relic By: Bjorn Freeman-Benson, VP of Engineering at New Relic Bjorn will talk about New Relic's experiences in growing from a few developers supporting a few thousand users to 70+ developers delivering continuously to thousands of large and small commercial customers. July 17th: San Jose Selenium Meetup HARdy Har Har: How to generate HTTP Archive Files By Adam Goucher, Selenium Expert and Consultant at Element 34 This talk will show you how to generate HTTP Archive (HAR) files in two different ways; using a custom Firefox WebDriver profile and with the BrowserMob Proxy. July 18th: San Diego Web Performance Meetup Capturing Performance Data from your Selenium Tests By Patrick Lightbody, Director of Product Management at Neustar Enterprise Services Learn from one of the original Selenium developers how you can use open source projects and new specifics, such as Navigation Timings, to augment your existing test suite and capture performance in your existing continuous integration environment. July 18th: OC PHP Meetup Selenium: Less Testing and More Coding By Jonathan Lipps, Front-End Engineer at Sauce Labs Jonathan will give a demo of a basic PHP web application and go through the motivations for using Selenium as a way to consistently and reliably test the application. He'll then describe how Sauce Labs's cloud service enables testing to transparently scale to multiple browsers and platforms and reduce several frustrations with running tests locally.

Written by

Ashley Wilson