We're Off to PyCon! Are You? Stop by Booth #178

Posted Mar 14th, 2013

A group of Saucers are heading to Santa Clara today to attend PyCon, the largest annual gathering of Python users. Given that we're a Python shop and it's our first time sponsoring the event, we're especially excited to hang with folks and chat about Sauce & Selenium. pycon logo

Stop by booth #178 tonight from 6-8pm as well as between 10am-5pm Friday & Saturday Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 6.34.55 PMto talk about automated testing. OR come by to get a look at our favorite robot being both functional and fun as it tests real mobile devices and plays Angry Birds. You'll also be able to enter in the raffle to win said robot and try various Saucy dips at our salsa tasting station. Additionally, Sauce engineers Santiago Suarez Ordonez and Jason Carr are giving a tutorial today at 11am on the following:

Integrating Selenium and Sauce Labs into your Continuous Integration Build CI can be hard. Making Selenium a part of your CI infrastructure is even harder. This tutorial will cover the end-to-end process of adding Selenium infrastructure to your CI build using Sauce Labs, and integrations with Jenkins and Travis CI. Specific attention will be paid to common pain points, hardening your tests against common failures, and features that are provided by Sauce Labs' integration with Travis CI.

If you've got a PyCon ticket, register for this free event here: http://py2013workshops.eventbrite.com/

And Jason will also give a main conference talk on Saturday at 12:10pm:

Mobile Application Testing with Python and Selenium Selenium has grown to be a mature platform on the desktop, but with 'mobile now' being the mantra for so many companies, can we use Selenium to effectively test mobile apps? What about Native apps? This talk will cover using Python to test mobile web applications with Selenium, as well as an in depth overview of the future of Selenium to test Native iOS and Android applications. See you there!

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