Technology Alliance Partners

The Sauce Labs Technology Alliance Program (TAP) is a collaboration with technology partners to create compelling integrations with the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud. The TAP helps partners develop integrations that allow Sauce Labs continuous testing capabilities to extend deeper into a customer’s software developer pipeline and collectively provide greater value to customers.

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Integrations for automating web and mobile application accessiblility

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Deque Systems is the trusted leader in digital accessibility. Founded on a mission of Digital Equality, Deque provides tools, services and training to help organizations of all sizes practice digital accessibility. Organizations that work with Deque expand their market share, improve usability, and mitigate risk by optimizing digital experiences for everyone, including people with disabilities. Renowned for the axe toolkit, its users can automatically catch most issues in your dev or testing tool of choice.

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Evinced is focused on automating web and mobile accessibility. Our technology - built with advanced rule-sets, computer vision and AI algorithms - automatically detects, pinpoints and suggests fixes for accessibility problems. Unlike other solutions that use static/syntax analysis, Evinced analyzes the UI/UX and automatically constructs a semantic model of the page. With this context, Evinced can detect advanced accessibility issues that previously required laborious manual testing with screen readers and keyboards.

API Management

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TIBCO Software Inc. unlocks the potential of real-time data for making faster, smarter decisions. Our Connected Intelligence platform seamlessly connects any application or data source; intelligently unifies data for greater access, trust, and control; and confidently predicts outcomes in real-time and at scale. Learn how solutions to our customers’ most critical business challenges are made possible by TIBCO at


Tools that allow developers to regularly merge their code changes into a shared repository.

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Atlassian Bamboo Server helps your team with continuous integration, deployment and delivery by providing tools that tie your automated builds, tests and releases together in a single workflow. Using the Sauce Labs plugin for Bamboo, you can easily configure projects to run tests on our Continuous Testing Cloud, manage environment variables, enable Sauce Connect Proxy, and provide test result files. All of this can be done directly from Bamboo, making your workflows simpler, and allowing you to focus on release better quality software, faster.

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Codefresh is the first continuous delivery platform built for Kubernetes - combining CI/CD, Image Management, and on-demand staging environments to create a complete container delivery toolchain that brings developers and developer operations into a shared platform. By spinning up a short-lived version of an application stack in order to run tests with the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud, along with test results and reporting information attached to the Docker image(s), their integration provides a seamless end-to-end experience for validating the UI of Kubernetes applications.

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Jenkins (managed by CloudBees) is one of the most popular continuous integration tools used in software development. To make it easy to integrate your testing with your CI/CD workflows, Sauce Labs has developed a comprehensive plugin for Jenkins. With a direct user interface to Sauce Labs that allows you to populate environment variables on your Jenkins server, direct access to Sauce Connect while enabling your projects, and seamless reporting between both tools, this integration gives you the power of the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud without having to leave your Jenkins account.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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With RPA at its core, as well as a combination of AI, ML, process analytics and other technologies, UiPath makes a fully automated enterprise possible. Fully integrated with the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud, UiPath allows you to develop, test, deploy, and perform RPA processes without having to maintain a costly rack of phones and tablets. Forrester Research has named UiPath as a Leader with the highest ranking in Current Offering, Strategy, and RPA Market Presence categories.

Test Creation

Solutions that assist teams in the creation and maintenance of automated test scripts.

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Curiosity Software Ireland

The VIP Test Modeller provides easy-to-use Model-Based Test Automation, capable of generating tests for homegrown, commercial and open source frameworks. You can avoid the bottlenecks created by manual test creation, generating test cases, scripts and data from quick-to-build flowcharts. Coverage algorithms generate a rigorous set of tests for both performance and functional testing, while automated tests can be generated for the UI, API and database layers. The seamless integration with Sauce Labs enables you to execute the complete test suite across a wide-range of platforms and devices, rapidly and rigorously testing against the full range of production scenarios.

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GenRocket’s Test Data Generation (TDG) software removes one of the biggest bottlenecks in software testing - test data provisioning. The company’s patented technology is a breakthrough in speed, cost, security, quality, simplicity and versatility not previously available from traditional test data management solutions. With CI/CD pipelines needing faster test data delivery and new data privacy regulations requiring 100% security, GenRocket is an ideal solution for today’s fast-paced quality assurance environments. GenRocket is an effective alternative to production test data and costly test data management systems for the most demanding business applications including banking, financial services, healthcare and many other industries.

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The world’s leading test design tool, Hexawise is used successfully by more than 100 Fortune 500 firms. Hexawise generates test sets that achieve more coverage and get features to users faster. Hexawise can help reduce defects in production by more than 50%, while spending less time selecting scenarios, creating test data, automating test scripts, and executing/maintaining tests.

Using Sauce Labs and Hexawise together results in concise, fast, parallel execution of the right set of test cases. As explained in this video, Hexawise replaces slow, inconsistent test selection, creation, and maintenance activities with a much faster, objectively better, tool-accelerated solution.

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Mailosaur lets QA & development teams capture, test and analyze email and SMS messages as part of their manual and automated testing process. Users can create inboxes on the fly with an unlimited number of unique, test email addresses; create virtual servers on the fly, each with an unlimited number of test email addresses. You can protect yourself from accidentally sending email to your customers in development and staging environments, and automate email and SMS tests, like account verification and password resets, using any language or testing framework.

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Scriptworks is a simple, intuitive and fun visual test authoring platform for automating Web, Mobile App and API tests for Selenium and Appium. A unique drag and drop block coding approach gives all the power and flexibility of coding without the need to learn syntax. Leverage the class leading capabilities of the Sauce Labs platform, including testing inside your firewall with Sauce Connect. Awesome levels of test throughput, platform and device coverage without the need to write and maintain code.

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Testsigma is a unified AI/driven continuous testing platform for web and mobile apps. By building stable and reliable tests faster, you can use this in conjunction with the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud to speed up not only execution of your tests but also the maintenance. This allows your team to extend your test automation to support continuous testing in Agile and DevOps while eliminating a lot of the technical complexity, and with near zero in additional cost, time and resources.

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Tricentis TOSCA transforms testing from a roadblock to a catalyst for innovation through risk-based testing, scriptless end-to-end test automation, and the industry's most extensive technology support. With TOSCA's integration to the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud, you can easily automate and maintain your mobile testing world with access to Sauce Labs emulators, simulators and real devices. With support for both Selenium and Appium, you can marry requirements to all your test cases (including mobile) to understand what your risk coverage is.

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Webomates provides a revolutionary SaaS based patented testing service called Webomates CQ which is aimed at significantly improving the quality of production software. It does this by significantly reducing the time for regression or feature testing to under 24 hours while radically increasing the productivity of customer teams. Working on over 18 different browser/os/ mobile/native combinations while using crowdsource, automation, artificial intelligence and manual technologies to provide triaged defects, Webomates CQ offers a business insurance for customers going into production.



Zebrunner is a cloud-based reporting tool that helps you to automate the analysis of test results. Thanks to the smooth integration with Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud, users can directly report their test results into Zebrunner Reporting and quickly analyze them. Using this combo-solution, it’s possible to detect failures via rich artifacts (screenshots, video, logs), and classify them with smart AI-labels. Save time with automated reporting: track product quality with ready-made dashboards and even customize them by adding a variety of widgets. All dashboards are fully supported 24/7 and can be shared with other team members via email.

Test Management

Tools used to manage test cases (manual or automated) linked to Agile and DevOps processes.

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QMetry is leading provider of continuous testing tools. From authoring, test data management, test case management and quality analytics it is designed for agile testing and DevOps teams to build, manage and deploy quality software faster with confidence. Combined with Sauce Labs, your teams will have integrated access for seamless test execution and creating reports and dashboards.

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Sponsored by epam, ReportPortal is a service that provides increased capabilities to speed up results analysis and reporting through the use of built-in analytic features. This Sauce Labs plugin allows to integrate seamlessly the job videos and binaries with test automation reports collected in ReportPortal, used for dashboarding and analytical capabilities, powered by ML-based triaging of failed cases.

Interested in integrating with Sauce Labs?

Sauce Labs' open API makes it possible for teams to integrate their own tools with our Continuous Testing Cloud. This is an option for both our virtual and real device clouds. To get started, take a look at our documentation below.

Virtual Cloud API

Easily access the Sauce Labs REST API over HTTPS, with standard HTTP methods and authentication, and using JSON encoding for request and response data.

Real Device Cloud API

Access the Real Device Cloud API to see all the available devices, Appium suites, storage and session history via REST API.

Technology Alliance Partner Benefits

The following list outlines the benefits of joining the Sauce Labs TAP:

  • Alliance Manager: Access to alliance manager to support integration efforts and help partner achieve their goals

  • Solutions Architects: Access to technical experts to optimize integrations

  • Technology: Access to Sauce Labs APIs and supporting documentation

  • Development Environment: Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud account for development, testing and customer demonstrations

  • Community & Knowledgebase: Access to Sauce Labs community knowledge base and special programs

  • Webinar / Sauce Day Participation: Co-present in webinars hosted by Sauce Labs, and present at Sauce Labs Regional Sauce Days

  • Web Partner Listing: Logo on on dedicated web page to TAP partners and categories

  • SauceCon Sponsorship: Preferred access to sponsorship opportunities at Sauce Labs user conference

  • TAP Program Agreement: Signed co-marketing and terms of partnership agreement

  • Partner Alliance Business Contact: Dedicated contact for all business issues

  • Partner Alliance Technical Contact: Dedicated contact for all technical support issues

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Interested in becoming a partner?