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Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud
Comprehensive coverage of cross-browser testing

Comprehensive coverage

Sauce Labs is the only cloud-based testing platform to offer the most up-to-date browser/OS combinations, mobile emulators & simulators, plus real device support.

Continuous testing scale

Scalable for CI/CD

Our scalable, always-on infrastructure ensures that teams of all sizes can check-in multiple pull requests throughout the day without queuing or bottlenecks, ensuring rapid feedback.

Continuous testing platform

Single platform for 360° UX

Go beyond UI testing by using your existing test scripts to gain a full view of functionality, front-end performance, and visual regressions, all on one unified platform.

Continuous testing efficiency

Increased efficiency

With debugging tools like videos, screenshots and log files, comprehensive analytics, live testing environments, and Sauce Headless, Sauce Labs maximizes developer productivity.


Enterprise security and support

Single-use VMs that are destroyed and real devices that are thoroughly cleaned after each test, plus our secure tunneling protocol, Sauce Connect, ensure the highest degree of security.


Cross-browser testing

Securely test websites, web apps and mobile applications across thousands of desktop & mobile browser and OS combinations in the cloud.


Mobile emulators & simulators

Only Sauce Labs maintains the latest in Android emulators and iOS simulators, providing a scalable, highly reliable & efficient way to automate tests for native apps and mobile web.

Visual Testing

Real device testing

Test mobile apps on a public or private Real Device Cloud with thousands of the latest devices to mimic real-world conditions and expedite testing for mobile applications without compromising quality.

Ship better software, faster, with the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud

Continuous testing with Sauce Labs

Debugging tools

Tools like video recordings, screenshots, log files are designed to help developers pinpoint regressions and debug faster.

Test analytics

Improve the efficiency of your testing with real-time visibility into test data across teams, platforms and applications.

Sauce performance

Sauce Performance testing

Identify and remediate front-end performance issues early in the development cycle without creating new scripts or deploying new infrastructure.

Headless testing

Sauce Headless testing

Test earlier in development cycle with a lightweight and scalable test infrastructure that provides fast feedback and increases developer productivity.

Visual testing

Sauce Visual testing

Automatically detect visual regressions across your application UI. Know exactly where and what has changed, so you don't waste time testing what hasn't.

solutions for enterprise

Enterprise testing that’s awesome-sauce

Only Sauce offers the security, reliability, scalability and speed demanded by the world’s largest development teams.


Supported platforms

Sauce Labs supports thousands of browsers and operating systems, mobile emulators/simulators, and real mobile devices, and we push new releases at the speed that our users need to make sure their websites and mobile apps work flawlessly on all.


Supported automation tools

Easily run your existing Selenium, Appium, Espresso or XCUI tests on the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud with just a few quick changes.


Supported integrations

Seamlessly integrate automated testing into your existing CI/CD pipeline with plug-ins for the most popular and widely used DevOps tools.

Training and support

We offer a host of resources to help answer your hot Sauce questions

Our expert documentation, in-product learning modules and world class Customer Success and Customer Support teams will help your team become continuous testing experts.

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