Extended Debugging

Advanced performance insights to help speed root cause analysis

Advanced debugging

Get insight into browser and networking issues that are causing test failures

Extended Debugging combines browser console log information with networking data to identify the location of the problem and identify the root cause, dramatically accelerating resolution.

Automatically generate browser console logs

Collect both the JavasScript console logs (JS) and HTTP Archive Format (HAR) files generated by your test to use in debugging.

Uncover performance slowdown

Extended debugging provides browser console logs and network calls for reviewing browser performance and networking data to identify the root cause of test failures and resolve flaky tests faster.

Use log data to improve performance

Use logs to find out information like which components of your web application failed to load or ran into an error, warnings logged by the browser, and other performance data.

Modify network requests with test environment tools (beta)

Use free tools to quickly identify issues early in the development cycle, ensure quality apps, and save time. Resolve flaky tests caused by network issues, understand how apps will perform under challenging network conditions, and modify tests to adjust for specific conditions. (For web apps & Google Chrome only).


API mocking

Simulate API responses for networked apps to test functions when the data is not yet available or developed.


Network conditions

Mock and throttle network connection speeds to mimic network latency. Specify data throughput, including the maximum upload and download speeds to understand how the app behaves across a variety of network speeds.

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Request blocking

Block network requests so apps continue to work under test conditions even when network resources are not available or have yet to be developed.


Request redirects

Redirect requests while apps are in development to temporary resources so your tests continue to run. This is especially handy while back-end resources are still under development.