API Load Testing and Monitoring

Transform SLA and CI/CD performance

Validate performance and reliability under heavy loads throughout iterative code changes. Get early feedback and production insights to improve code efficiency and resilience.

API Load Testing
CI/CD Pipeline Load Tests

Run API Load Tests in Your CI/CD Pipeline. Accelerate Large-Scale Test Migrations.

Get early load and performance feedback about single components and parts of subsystems prior to production (mock API traffic and real-world scenarios). Streamline developer and SRE collaboration from a single platform: a standardized approach to API quality allows developers to safely use their preferred development tools.

Chat with us about working with our test automation consulting partners to help you take the most efficient and strategic journey to Sauce Labs: test smarter, not harder.

Demo of Load Monitoring

Go Beyond Uptime Monitoring for Improved API and Microservices Performance

Eliminate all major blockers to running load tests: deploy a lightweight load agent in a Docker container behind your firewall, choose to script or auto-generate the tests, execute load tests without waiting to run endpoints, and provision unlimited virtual users. Detailed performance error reporting and historic insights help leaders boost DevOps metrics and significantly improve MTTR (debugging speeds).

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Case Study

Walmart Embraces Test Automation and Open Source to Increase Coverage and Deploy More Often

In this case study, learn how Walmart uses a central platform for web, functional and performance testing with mocking and data insights to accelerate their deploy cycles from twice per month to multiple times daily.

API-Driven and Spec-Driven Success

Strengthen security and compliance

Security and compliance

After more than 5 billion tests, enterprise customers have long trusted Sauce Labs to take testing security and compliance very seriously. Sauce Labs offers certification across ISO 27701, 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2.

Scalable test automation

Scalable test automation

The world runs on integrations and microservices. But runaway test complexity makes it hard to achieve quality at speed. Only Sauce Labs helps you tackle the complexity by testing smarter, not harder via unified insights and predictive capabilities.

No seat-based pricing

No seat-based pricing

API-first and microservices development require shifts in how we work. Only Sauce Labs frees managers to make agile changes among distributed teams and contractors without worrying about disruptions due to slow onboarding and seat licenses.

API Testing Automation

API Load Testing Tutorial (Guide)

API load testing, which identifies how stable your APIs are under different workloads, is a crucial part of performance testing. In this guide you will learn what is API load testing, when to perform load testing, and more.

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