Mobile beta testing With TestFairy

Optimize your mobile beta testing and app development processes

Manage your app distribution, streamline the development processes, and easily manage feedback cycles to deliver better mobile apps to the market, faster.

Emulators and simulators

Streamline your mobile development and release better apps with shorter development cycles

Get real-time user feedback for mobile developers, enabling them to continuously iterate and launch better app versions


Session Video Recording

Spend less time analyzing bug reports and quickly identify issues with session video recordings. Get real-time insights into how users use your applications on their real devices and understand everything that happened BEFORE an application crashed or a bug was reported.


In-app Feedback

Uncover more issues by making it easy for users to report meaningful bugs with an intuitive in-app bug reporting interface. Users can report bugs by shaking their devices or sketching on the screen, helping teams get faster feedback and continually improve app quality.


Crash Reports

Get comprehensive crash reports with detailed logs and app metrics (CPU, memory, Wi-Fi, etc.) automatically posted to JIRA, Slack, Trello, and other platforms. With crash reports collected automatically and grouped by their causes, developers can easily trace the root cause of issues.


Enterprise App distribution

Distribute your iOS and Android app versions with a highly configurable and tightly secured enterprise-grade app distribution platform. Upload and ship apps manually or programmatically from your CI to get the latest app version in the hands of your beta testers. Our unique architecture for continuous app testing allows you to easily sync, create and update tester groups, and distribute apps through landing pages or the TestFairy internal app store.


Security & Compliance

Comply with security standards by connecting TestFairy to any SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On helping you ensure that only the right people have access to your apps. With end-to-end encryption you can encrypt sessions with your private keys, so nobody, but your teams have access to your data. As TestFairy comes on a private cloud with a single tenant database it provides highly compliant organizations a secure and dedicated environment.

Watch how you can accelerate mobile app development with our all-in-one mobile beta testing solution


Works with the tracking systems you already love and use

Seamless integration with JIRA, Trello, Slack, Github, Pivotal, Asana, and many other issue management systems, makes it easier for user feedback to be posted where it belongs.

Why TestFairy for your Mobile App Quality

We understand that quality is collaborative and that each persona in the mobile SDLC has unique needs. Whether you are a mobile developer, QA engineer, product manager, support engineer, or any other stakeholder ensuring mobile application quality, we got you covered!

Achieve Quality at Speed

  • With an all-in-one platform that works for both iOS and Android, you can improve the efficiency of your mobile development and beta testing processes
  • Swiftly ship app versions in your CI/CD, thereby drastically reducing the time between development and testing
  • Provide your teams with powerful insights including videos, logs, and stack traces, so they can work faster than ever

Innovate with Confidence

  • Understand how users experience your apps and get a better context on how your application is functioning to make continual improvements
  • Reduce risk and accelerate user engagement in your testing cycles by simplifying access through single sign-on
  • Utilize real-time user feedback to prioritize and fix quality issues

Collaborate Better

  • Create consistent feedback loops across all phases of mobile development, including production, with an enhanced developer and QA collaboration
  • Easily integrate into your delivery pipeline to enable collaboration for quality
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Deploy, test, and debug your Android and iOS apps faster.