Run Selenium tests on thousands of browser and operating system configurations

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The leaders in Selenium test automation

Co-founded by the creator of Selenium, Jason Huggins, and as core committers to the Selenium Project, Sauce Labs maintains the most comprehensive and reliable Selenium grid for automated web testing. Focus on automating your tests to accelerate releases, and leave the infrastructure maintenance to Sauce!

Run Selenium tests securely in the cloud

Your Selenium tests are run in real browsers in our secure data center on a real operating system in a dedicated, single-use VM that is destroyed after the test is complete.

Unblock infrastructure as an obstacle

Leave the hassle of setting up and maintaining your testing infrastructure to Sauce. Free up developer time to do things that matter - like write code, test, and accelerate releases.

Works with your setup

Write tests in the most popular languages using any test framework. Run tests from your CI system or straight from the command line, the same way you’d run them locally.

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Easily run your existing Selenium tests on Sauce Labs

Specifying the platform configurations you want to run tests on is as easy as setting the desired capabilities for your tests. We automatically use the latest and most stable version of Selenium, but you can set whatever version you’d like to use in the desired capabilities. Visit our platform configurator for a complete list of the many options and features available when testing on Sauce.

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The new W3C Webdriver protocol is here

Beginning in June, 2018, the W3C has moved the WebDriver spec to a recommendation, which means it has officially received the endorsement of W3C. The new protocol includes updates to some of the commands and introduces new commands to support capabilities in today's modern browsers.

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Test securely

You can test local and firewalled apps while maintaining control over proxy and access policies using Sauce Connect, our tunneling technology that ensures the security of your tests. Test data and apps on our cloud without the hassle of setting up a hardware VPN.

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Run your Selenium tests on the world’s most comprehensive continuous testing cloud