Sauce Labs for XCUITest Automation

Test your native and hybrid mobile apps with XCUITest on thousands of real iOS devices

XCUITest Framework

Power your XCUITest automation with Sauce Labs

Scale automated mobile app testing and maximize developer productivity by executing XCUITest suites on thousands of real iOS devices using the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud.


Test your iOS apps reliably

XCUITest is the automation framework that ships with Apple's XCode IDE. Sauce Labs enables iOS app developers and test engineers to execute reliable unit, performance, and UI tests for XCode projects.

Automation tools for continuous testing

Scale XCUITest automation

Expand your XCUITest test automation coverage and execute tests at scale at any point in the development cycle, leveraging an extensive range of real iOS devices and the ability to run tests in parallel.

Continuous testing quality test

Debug faster with analytics

Use the Sauce Labs cloud and XCUITest together to analyze test executions and share test results in order to accelerate developer feedback and correct defects early in the development lifecycle.

Continuous testing efficiency

Maximize dev productivity

Executing tests on a single platform with the framework of your choice allows you to work in the language you know, use the IDE and tools you understand, and keep your test environment consistent.

Benefits of the XCUITest mobile test automation framework

  • Comprehensive framework for automated UI testing of iOS apps
  • Supports a broad range of tests for macOS environments
  • Allows faster test execution with its unique architecture
  • Allows developers to monitor internals of the device for finer control
  • Easy to set up as it is embedded into the XCode IDE
  • Reduces test flakiness and produces reliable test results
  • Accelerates feedback as teams can work on the app’s source code and test code in one place

Leverage key features for scalable and reliable mobile test automation


Real Device Cloud

Get access to thousands of real iOS devices to expand your test automation coverage


Stable test execution

Execute reliable tests for your iOS apps using the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud


Parallel testing

Speed up your tests by running them in parallel across devices


CI/CD integration

Easily integrate in your CI/CD pipeline to accelerate release velocity


Robust test reports

Debug faster with test reports that include videos, screenshots, and logs of your tests

sauce labs robot

Run your XCUITest on the world’s most comprehensive continuous testing cloud