Low-Code Testing with AutonomIQ

AI-driven SaaS app testing for admins and developers

Accelerate test case creation and test execution from hours to minutes. Auto-detect changes for autonomous test maintenance.

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Highly intelligent, autonomous testing platform learns and evolves as your applications do


Intelligent Test Management

NLP engine autonomously creates test cases, scripts, and data to give you more time to focus on more important challenges


Low Code Automation

Non-technical team members become capable of QA at scale thanks to a wide range of features like auto-discovery and auto-maintenance


Customer-centric, In-sprint Tests

Keep your customer journey as the focal point throughout your entire SDLC and remove testing as the bottleneck


Deep-Learning Capabilities

Detect changes and enable self-healing for test assets giving you critical, real-time feedback to ensure long-term durability and scalability

Sauce Testrunner ToolKit

Features you'll love

  • Auto-maintain assets - Reduce risk by discovering and adjusting test scripts using NLP. Keep apps current and eliminate vendor surprises
  • Regulatory Compliance - Stay GDPR compliant with intelligent, referential, and intact subsets of data rendered anonymously through masking
  • Support any web or SaaS app - Dramatically reduce risks and eliminate the need for expensive technical resources while testing any web or SaaS application
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