Real Device Cloud

Improve app quality with instant access to 2,000+ Android and iOS mobile devices

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Comprehensive mobile testing coverage

Sauce Labs offers both a public and private Real Device Cloud for customers looking to expedite automated and live testing for their mobile apps without compromising quality. We make new devices and operating systems available upon their release, ensuring your tests keep up with constantly-evolving mobile platforms. Learn more about mobile app testing.

Increase device coverage

Test your native and hybrid mobile apps across a wide range of real devices including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, and more.

Reduce operational burden

Eliminate the need to maintain an internal device lab and reduce operational costs. No more scrambling for newer and older devices.

Accelerate test execution

Run high volumes of real device tests with low error rates and continuous availability. Easily integrate into your existing CI/CD pipeline.


Always have the right device mix

Choose from thousands of iOS and Android mobile devices in our public cloud. We procure the devices from the market and configure them in our device cloud. Sauce Labs provides availability of new devices and operating systems upon their release, ensuring your testing keeps up with the evolving mobile platforms.

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Add emulators & simulators to your mobile testing plan

The ideal QA strategy employs a mix of emulators/simulators and real devices. Use virtual mobile environments early in the development cycle for their speed and efficiency. Add real devices toward the end of the cycle when you need to test against real-world conditions.

Test with popular open source tools

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Appium is an automation tool to test native and hybrid apps, as well as mobile websites. It drives iOS, Android, and Windows apps using the WebDriver protocol.



XCUITest is a test automation tool developed by Apple for iOS applications.

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Espresso is a test automation tool for Android applications developed by Google.

Features of Real Device Cloud


Public device cloud

Maximize test coverage with a secure cloud that enables you to perform manual and automated testing on hundreds of thoroughly cleaned iOS and Android devices

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Private device cloud

Get the highest security and dedicated access to the widest range of iOS and Android devices to enable faster development and deployment of your mobile apps. Learn more


Broad framework support

Use your existing test scripts with standard automation tools like Appium, XCUITest, and Espresso to test your native, hybrid, and web apps on real devices


Native device features

Automate all the gestures and touch actions on our device cloud as if they were in your hand.


Sensor and device settings

Adjust the sensors to see how your app reacts when the device is rotated or the GPS location changes.


Localization testing

Control the regular device settings and switch the system language for localization testing.


Shorten feedback loops

Connect your favorite defect tracking tool via our REST API. Playback a video of your entire mobile test and capture screenshots.


Advanced debugging

Connect cloud devices to your machine to debug code line by line or run tests on network and memory consumption.

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