Real Device Cloud

Instant access to the most extensive range of Android and iOS devices. Debug and release faster with mobile app diagnostics.

Real Device Cloud from Sauce Labs

Speed up mobile tests and identify root cause of issues quickly

Reduce test execution time without compromising on quality. Run automated and live tests across multiple mobile devices in parallel. Work in your preferred automated testing framework. Test on the latest devices and operating systems in the cloud so you don’t have to maintain a costly internal device lab.

Devices including iOS and Android

Increase device coverage

Test native and hybrid mobile apps across the widest range of real devices including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Xiaomi, and more.

Test at Scale Globally

Test at scale and from anywhere

Easily scale automated tests based on your business needs. Test from anywhere with instant access to thousands of real devices in the cloud.

Reduce Operational Burden

Reduce operational burden

Eliminate the need to maintain an internal device lab and reduce operational costs. No more scrambling for newer or older devices.

Speed-up Test Execution

Speed up test execution

Reduce test execution time by running real device tests across multiple devices in parallel. Move fast by integrating into your existing CI/CD pipeline.

Accelerate Mobile Beta Testing

Accelerate mobile beta testing

Release mobile apps in shorter development cycles with streamlined beta app distribution and seamless cross-functional team collaboration across the mobile app development lifecycle.

Go from mobile tests to API tests

Go from mobile tests to API tests

Record HTTP transactions (HAR file) and use the results to quickly generate functional API tests that help you perform API monitoring of production environments and capture real user scenarios.

Debug and release faster with mobile app diagnostics

Quickly determine the root cause of test failures and errors by leveraging the industry’s broadest range of diagnostic information and quality signals.

Capture network requests

Capture API and HTTP/S requests

Quickly identify the source of mobile app issues and understand your app behavior with the ability to capture API and HTTP/S requests and responses on all real device tests.

Understand app performance

Understand app performance

Get deeper visibility into the performance of your devices and apps under test and improve the time to resolve test failures with real-time vitals that include CPU usage, memory usage, and UI responsiveness.

Understand user interactions

Detect and resolve UI issues

Debug UI problems faster by quickly identifying interface elements that did not work as expected, with the ability to access user interactions and associating the test session actions with the app’s UI.

Resolve Errors and Crashes

Resolve errors & crashes

Get complete context and insights on errors to capture, prioritize, and resolve them faster. Adopt quality signals across pre-production and production to get better risk coverage. Debug faster without the need to recreate errors in your development environment.

View & Share Test Results

View and share test results

Maximize your testing efforts by viewing and sharing the test results of your manual and automated tests, including rich test assets such as video recordings, screenshots, commands, test logs, and complete diagnostic information, so developers can debug faster.

Sauce Real Device Cloud

Add emulators & simulators to your mobile testing plan

Use a mix of emulators/simulators and real devices to scale your mobile app testing cost-effectively, and broaden testing coverage early in the development cycle.


Choose a public or private device cloud

Maximize test coverage with a secure public cloud that enables you to perform manual and automated testing on hundreds of iOS and Android devices.

Get dedicated access to devices, ensure better device management, and enable specific customizations to suit your needs with our Private device cloud.

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Test as real-world users

Test user flows and mimic real-world conditions with features including biometric authentication, image injection, GPS simulation, gesture automation, and more.

Test with popular open source frameworks and tools

Start testing fast by using your preferred test automation framework. Increase testing efficiency and development velocity while centralizing visibility across all QA workflows. Learn how to choose a mobile automated testing framework.



Run your Appium tests in the cloud on thousands of Android and iOS devices to test native and hybrid apps, as well as mobile websites.



Build and execute XCUITest test suites on thousands of iOS devices via the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud



Build and execute your Espresso test suites on Android emulators or thousands of real Android devices.

Connect your Workstation

Connect your workstation to our Real Device Cloud

Gain the flexibility on our private Real Device Cloud to use your homegrown development and testing tools. You can build and deploy applications directly from your IDE.

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