Sauce Headless testing

Test earlier in the pipeline to deliver quality code faster

Headless testing with Sauce Labs

Get fast feedback early in the dev cycle with cost-effective headless browser testing

Sauce Headless provides an efficient solution to test against headless Chrome and Firefox browsers, giving developers fast pass/fail data on early pipeline component tests, sanity checks, and pull request tests.

Increase build efficiency

By providing a scalable infrastructure to get instant feedback on code quality, Sauce Headless improves quality earlier in the pipeline to ensure that bugs are caught early.

Single unified testing experience

When combined with the Cross Browser Testing cloud, Sauce Headless gives teams access to the tools they need to test applications throughout the development pipeline.

Test securely in the cloud

Sauce Headless provides a secure solution allowing you to connect from behind your firewall, allowing you to execute early pipeline testing without fear of compromising your data.

See Sauce Headless in Action

This brief demo video provides an overview of the Sauce Headless platform, and demonstrates how it can complement your cross browser and mobile testing efforts to create a complete continuous testing pipeline.


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Provide your development teams the perfect solution

Sauce Headless provides developers with fast pass/fail data on early pipeline component tests, sanity checks, and pull request tests. This allows them to deploy with confidence knowing their code works as expected.

Benefits of Headless

Sauce Headless gives developers a lightweight infrastructure that they can test against for quick feedback on the quality of their apps earlier in the development lifecycle. It is a complementary solution to our Cross Browser platform, which is best for full end to end functional testing.


Browser and OS coverage

Sauce Headless provides headless Chrome and Firefox in the 3 most recent versions on the most recent version of Linux.


Debugging information

Sauce Headless provides Logs and Screenshots of each test result. Video recordings and Extended Debugging features are available in our Cross Browser Testing Platform.


Team management

Sauce Headless provides access to the same Team Management features as the rest of our Continuous Testing Cloud to easily manage testing resources and data access.

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Sauce Connect

Sauce Connect provides a secure tunnel allowing you to test behind your firewall, monitor upstream traffic through a proxy, or stabilize network connections.

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