Test user interface (UI) components to detect and fix visual regressions

Visual testing with Sauce Labs

Test UI components across different browsers and resolutions.

Automate visual testing of UI components to spot and fix any unintended visual changes. Ensure UI components appear exactly as designed.

Automation tools for continuous testing

Fast feedback loop

Quickly and frequently test individual UI components. Test on every commit to get fast feedback in the early stages of the development cycle.

Web and mobile applications

Deliver a consistent user interface

Perform visual and functional tests in the same test run. Deliver a consistent and flawless UI experience.

Continuous testing at every stage

Simplify Test Automation

Gain visibility into the UI with every snapshot. Reduce time spent writing and maintaining automated tests scripts.

storybook logo

Sauce Visual + Storybook

Instantly get automated visual testing across your React, Vue, and Angular components. Seamlessly integrate Sauce Visual with Storybook to enjoy the many benefits, that includes:

  • Ability to move fast and save time by not having to write or maintain test code
  • Automatically generating tests for all components
  • Testing UI components in isolation, enabling easy testing and mocking of all components states
  • Faster feedback loop with smaller tests that are faster to render
  • Testing on every commit for getting feedback earlier in the development cycle and catching issues earlier
  • Increase test coverage to cover both visual and functional

Additional features


Interaction testing API

Click buttons, fill out forms, and get your components into the proper visual state to test directly in your Storybook stories.


Storybook integration

Connect to Storybook or a custom component library and automatically have the UI states pulled in as a baseline.



Visual tests will automatically run in parallel when executing more than one test.


CI integrations

Get continuous visual test automation when integrating Sauce Visual into your development process with popular CI tools such as Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis CI, VSTS, and more.


Smart hybrid diff

Sauce Visual compares an image screenshot and DOM snapshot, reducing false positives and providing a deeper understanding of how the UI is structured.


Baseline branching and merging

Save time and optimize your workflow by automatically pulling in the initial baseline from the base branch and automatically accepting updates when merging to or from the base branch.

Developer Saucebot

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