Parallel Test Execution in Selenium

Supercharge Your Selenium Testing by Running Your Tests In Parallel

You probably already know the advantages of automated Selenium testing over manual testing - huge time savings, fewer bugs, and you don't have to write separate test scripts for each testing environment. Even with these advantages, Selenium testing can still be time-consuming and maintaining your own in-house infrastructure can be expensive. At Sauce Labs you can run your Selenium tests in parallel to drastically reduce your testing time, and since we maintain our own up-to-date infrastructure you don't have to.

Sauce Labs runs over 1 million tests every day in the cloud so you know we have the capacity to handle your tests as well. We maintain our testing grid with the most recent OS and browser versions, over 700 different combos, to ensure that your app will work in any environment and for every user. Sauce Labs also supports Selenium testing integration into your CI/CD workflow to further reduce testing time and hassle

Why choose Sauce Labs for your Selenium testing?

  • Speed - running your tests in parallel and reduce your testing time up to 10x

  • Coverage - hundreds of browser/OS combos ensures that your app works for every user

  • Security - our secure firewall tunneling and clean VMs ensure that your data is never compromised

  • Convenience - write your code in any language and easily test with Selenium

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