Aryaka Networks Accelerates End-to-End Platform Coverage Using AutonomIQ Sauce Labs

With an average of 8 new end-to-end user scenarios introduced every sprint, Aryaka Networks needed to significantly scale their Salesforce enterprise application testing process.

The Challenge

The internal business technology team led by Venkat Ranga, Head of Business Information Systems, was tasked with developing a large-scale implementation journey that involved many critical business processes and applications like Salesforce. They needed a way to get more out of their bi-weekly release goals—and with an average of eight new end-to-end user scenarios introduced every sprint, their current QA process was unable to keep up. 

“As a leader, first and foremost, you have to look at how to create value for the organization using the technology,” Venkat shares. “In the traditional world, the technology team is waiting for requirements to come from the business so they can build the solution. But now, this technology team is also working very closely with the business and enabling the solution. If I end up giving 3-4 days development time within the two week sprint for the QA, I am not really achieving a lot. My goal is to see how I can really reduce that time so that I can push through more changes within the system.” 

Venkat’s team had to evaluate and overhaul many critical business processes, including quote to cash, procure to pay, record to report, hire to retire, and others by mobilizing a multifaceted solution to optimize how they are delivered. This major implementation journey relied on the integration of many connected systems, such as Salesforce CPQ, Zuora, and NetSuite, and they had to ensure that introducing new features to the technology infrastructure would not compromise the existing code base or functionality. 

The Solution

Venkat and his team found the answer to their challenge through AutonomIQ Sauce Labs AI-driven codeless studio. They initially started to explore AutonomIQ for its rapid Salesforce end-to-end testing capabilities, but quickly realized that the tool could be used with all their custom and enterprise applications. 

As a low-code platform, AutonomIQ helped Aryaka deliver transformation projects faster by accelerating the testing of full regression cycles and keeping the regression suite up-to-date. Many presets come out-of-the-box for Salesforce-specific test assets, which offer unmatched workflow flexibility and shorten the time it takes to complete in-sprint QA. 

In addition, Venkat understood that to keep his team at the forefront of their career trajectory, the role of business analyst and quality assurance manager had to be combined. “Now that most of the [technical Selenium script writing and maintenance] work is automated, I’m starting to move them into BA [business analyst] roles because they understand the system, they understand the business processes, they have been testing this for the last 18 months, and they can talk about exactly what is going on in the business,” Venkat added. 

The Results

Venkat and his team have been using AutonomIQ for six months and the AI-driven codeless studio continues to play a role in the overall business transformation. Aryaka has seen significant reduced cost of operations and they have been able to deliver more user stories in their sprint cycles. 

“I cater at most three days for testing in a two-week sprint and my goal was to cut down to one day. We were able to accomplish that with AutonomIQ
Venkat Ranga
Head of Business Information Technology Systems

Low-code business technology teams are starting to be very prevalent in the workforce. Under Venkat’s leadership, Aryaka Networks has embraced this change which has contributed to the overall reduction of their testing efforts. They have increased business value by adding more user stories to their sprints and expanded the QA’s responsibility to take up a business analyst role with the power of AutonomIQ’s low-code and no-code test automation tool.

Company Size

200 - 500

Most importantly what I have been planning for my team and my QA resources will play a big role in leveling up their career progression, to play a more BA and QA combination.

Venkat Ranga
Head of Business Information Technology Systems


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