Byte to Bite Industries Automates Mobile App Testing to Increase Customer Retention

The Challenge

Byte to Bite’s platform integrates virtual restaurant digital presence, menu management, shopping cart, order and processing, delivery management, and business intelligence for restaurants and delivery apps. Byte to Bite’s web and mobile apps need to provide a consistent experience for customers, delivery app drivers, and participating restaurants who all rely on accurate real-time updates.

Due to the time constraints of manual testing, Byte to Bite’s team lacked the bandwidth to ensure that the delivery apps and business websites on the Byte to Bite platform were capturing accurate information across locations. Ongoing challenges such as supply chain issues, staffing outages, and modifications to store hours and menu items posed a threat to the customer experience. These challenges combined with the need to catch errors and bugs across the development lifecycle led Byte to Bite to seek an automated testing solution.

The Solution

Byte to Bite selected the Sauce Labs Automated Testing solution because of its scalability and flexibility that would enable them to iterate on test modifications ad hoc. Additionally, Sauce Labs Low Code Testing solution (AutonomIQ) could make it easier to track issues and keep a record of historical bugs and errors. Ultimately, Sauce Labs could give Byte to Bite the confidence that their applications would function as intended across every browser, operating system, and device.

The Results

With Sauce Labs, Byte to Bite can run faster automated tests that are easily modifiable, measurable, and adaptable to their needs. Since Byte to Bite deployed Sauce Labs Automated Testing, they can now help the partners that rely on their platform to deliver seamless service to their own customers, increasing customer retention for both parties.

Byte to Bite’s CTO Everett Carney says the transition to Sauce Labs was extremely smooth thanks to the support and professionalism of the Sauce Labs onboarding team. Moving forward, Carney wants to build an internal administrative dashboard where Byte to Bite can track their tests and keep their organization running smoothly. Byte to Bite plans to continue working with Sauce Labs on future functionality such as the dashboard because of the strong results realized through their partnership.

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We needed to know that we are open when we think we're open...we've been working with Sauce Labs on improving the modifiability of the tests. You can't manage this on a human level, you have to automate it." Everett Carney, CTO at Byte to Bite

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