eCommerce Retailer Reduces Manual Testing Overhead by 300% While Increasing Coverage

Using AutonomIQ’s AI-powered natural language testing studio, this leading eCommerce retailer reduced manual regression testing overhead by 300%, increased test coverage by 4x and also upsized the scope of their automation efforts.

The Challenge

A leading omnichannel retailer that operates over 400 stores and 160,000 product lines that are available online specializes in car parts, car enhancements, tools, camping and touring equipment, and bicycling. 

The IT service delivery team identified an urgent need to improve their regression automation effectiveness for digital releases given they were completely reliant on manual, human-led testing. As a team, they had ambitious plans to implement a new solution in ten weeks to achieve their digital transformation goals. 

The IT service delivery specialists primarily leveraged WebdriverIO for manual regression testing on 200+ test cases, creation of two new test scripts per/day, and coverage on their website. Their current testing practices did not provide them coverage on their emails, business marketplace analytics or product distribution platforms.

The Solution

Skeptical at first of the ability to progress quickly with an implementation, the team started down the path of their automation journey. As the engine of AI-driven, low-code and no-code testing in the Sauce Labs DevOps Toolchain, AutonomIQ empowered the IT services delivery team to automate their functional and UI testing across their entire application landscape.

In ten weeks, the IT delivery team automated more than 1,030 test cases which included the migration of their existing WebdriverIO scripts to AutonomIQ Sauce Labs.

The Results

The leading retailer was successful in increasing test case creation from two test cases/day/human capital resource to six. This was a significant throughput increase of more than 250 percent. This also empowered them to reduce the headcount dedicated to support regression testing from seven in-sprint resources to three.

Through AutonomIQ’s AI-powered natural language testing studio, manual regression testing was reduced from 200+ test cases to less than 60 cases, reducing manual overhead by 300%. The IT deliver team was also able to increase coverage by 4x and increase the scope of their automation to cover their: 

  • Website regression 

  • Third-party marketplace analytics platform 

  • Virtual reseller network tablets 

  • Third-party product distribution platform 

  • LEX file processing tool 

Overall, by switching from manual testing to an AI-driven automation framework, the team was able to simplify and enhance the entire testing process. The ease-of-use offered by the AutonomIQ Sauce Labs codeless studio freed up a great deal of time and resources for the team and greatly increased the morale of the project delivery team. Ten weeks and 1,030 automated test cases later, their AutonomIQ Sauce Labs integration has improved both quality and efficiency of their digital releases. The company continues to integrate with Sauce Labs full technology stack and the implementation has helped address the challenges that prevented the IT delivery team from reaching their full potential. 

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