Lightbox Saves Six Hours of Automated Testing Time Per Day with Sauce Labs

Lightbox, a real estate technology platform, needed a scalable testing process that could handle a high volume of tests in a highly efficient manner.

The Challenge

Lightbox’s testing process was complex and lengthy: on a daily basis, 1,400 test cases were run for a total of 8 hours of overnight testing time. To save time and create a better testing process, Lightbox wanted to deploy more virtual machines (VMs) and implement parallel testing into their CI/CD pipeline. Lightbox began searching for an automated testing platform to address these challenges.

The Solution

Lightbox selected Sauce Labs’ cloud-based automation testing platform for both its virtual machine coverage (including emulators and simulators) and visual test automation capabilities.

The Results

Sauce Labs’ combination of VMs, emulators and simulators, and visual testing capabilities helped Lightbox gain better visibility into their code, reduce testing time from eight hours to two hours each night, and increase test coverage. Sauce Labs also helped Lightbox improve the consistency of their code maintenance as well as their visibility into test results and test failures.

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At the CI/CD level, you don't want to be running parallel tests on your local machine. For us, a cloud solution is the obvious answer.

Charles Sampankanpanich
Senior Test Engineer