Testing With Strict Data Protection Requirements - How BW Bank Boosted Its App Quality

Baden-Württembergische Bank (BW-Bank) offers its customers an app that enables them to manage securities accounts from their mobile devices. Core functions of the app include:

  • A multitude of information, such as the latest market and stock exchange data

  • Exclusive, high-quality analyses and forecasts by LBBW Research

  • Mobile account management

  • Investment calculator to simulate security development

  • Connection to contact channels at BW-Bank

  • Option of personal consultation via video or telephone regardless of branch opening times

The Challenge

It is important to BW-Bank that the app guarantees all functions at all times. Firstly, app users may suffer monetary losses if certain features cannot be used. Secondly, the products and services off ered by BW-Bank are subject to strict regulatory provisions applicable to financial institutions.

Furthermore, it is very important to BW-Bank that customers trust the app, which is why it is crucial that the user interface is adaptable to various devices and screen sizes. The complexity of the app is increased by the fact that different users have different authorisations (with regard to the type of security that they can manage using the app, for example).

Due to the app’s high level of complexity, a purely manual test process is not sufficient to ensure the quality of the app. In particular, this is because it involves a professional and heterogeneous customer base that uses a wide range of devices. The focus is therefore on automating as many test scenarios as possible and continuously implementing these scenarios on various device models.

To this end, the app is tested on Android and iOS devices. Internal company security regulations prescribe specific requirements that a cloud test provider must meet. Following a comprehensive internal evaluation process, the offer submitted by Sauce Labs best met the requirements.

The Solution

In order to meet the special requirements, implement test automation with broad device coverage and comply with specific security regulations, BW-Bank uses a hybrid solution provided by Sauce Labs. This solution enables BW-Bank to access both a private cloud with the key devices, which can only be accessed by BW-Bank employees, and the Sauce Labs Public Cloud, which offers a large number of test devices. The BW-Bank Service Center can reproduce and simulate customer issues here.

The Results

  • BW-Bank has saved itself the costly process of having to set up its own test infrastructure and continuously procure a variety of test devices. The number of test devices required locally has therefore been significantly reduced, saving both time and money. Sauce Labs carries out all maintenance tasks relating to the devices in BW-Bank’s private pool.

  • Collaboration between the different departments has been improved through the use of the Sauce Labs tool. Using the tool, specialist departments, developers and quality assurance personnel can work together easily and share test results and feedback. The seamless JIRA integration in particular offers substantial added value.

  • The agile development process is supported and accelerated by the Sauce Labs solution, and release times have been significantly reduced through the use of this solution.

  • In order to simplify the implementation of automated tests, BW-Bank took advantage of the Sauce Labs Kickstart service. This service enabled BW-Bank to benefit from the support of experienced Sauce Labs test engineers when initially creating the test scripts.



Company Size

5,000 - 10,000

Working with Sauce Labs proved to be very satisfying. Not only the team helped us to find a great testing solution that would meet our requirements, but also worked closely with us to accelerate our agile testing processes.

Andreas Bätz
Project Manager, BW-Bank


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