Design Patterns for Scalable Test Automation With Selenium & WebdriverIO

Posted Jun 15th, 2016

Webinar Date: Jun 15th, 2016

Do any of the following describe you or your organization:

  • Are you having a hard time building resilient tests that don't break?
  • Are you part of an evolving micro services architecture based system?
  • Are you building more component-based UI architecture?
  • Are you looking for patterns and practices that help scaling test automation?

Join Continuous Delivery and Quality Architect Sahas Subramanian as he explains and demonstrates design patterns that help build stable and scalable automated tests using Selenium, WebdriverIO and Sauce Labs. In this webinar, Sahas will cover:

  • Rationalized Automation - when to use WebDriver and browser-based automation technique
  • Patterns & Practices
  • Test, Page Object, UIMap and their respective roles
  • Dealing with asynchronous behavior without using thread.sleep
  • Sharing UI map, Page Objects and how to avoid redundant code

About Sahas
Sahas Subramanian (@sahaswaranamam) is a passionate engineer with experience spanning across DevOps, Quality Engineering, web development and consulting. He is currently working as a Continuous Delivery and Quality Architect @CDK Global, and shares his thoughts on tech via


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