Using Chrome DevTools to Record User Flows for Automated Testing

Posted Aug 12th, 2022

Webinar Date: Aug 10th, 2022

Join Google’s Jecelyn Yeen, Developer Advocate, Chrome, and Sauce Labs’ Kunal Jain, Director of Product, to learn how to use the new Chrome DevTools Recorder panel to record user flows and create Puppeteer tests to run on Sauce Labs with saucectl.

You will learn:

  • How to use the Chrome DevTools Recorder panel to emulate user flows

  • How to create Puppeteer tests using the Chrome DevTools Recorder panel

  • How saucectl functions with Puppeteer and other automation frameworks

About our speakers

Kunal Jain

Kunal Jain

Director of Product

Kunal is Director of Product at Sauce Labs. Previously, he worked at CircleCI where he was responsible for the developer experience and insights offerings. Besides shipping capabilities to customers, he was part of the end of life initiative to decommission CircleCI’s older platform. Before CircleCI, he was at ThoughtWorks where he played multiple roles (quality analyst, agile coach, and product manager) across multiple geographic locations. When he is not at work, you can find him hiking somewhere in the Bay Area, making coffee, or planning his next trip.

Jecelyn Yeen

Jecelyn Yeen

Developer Advocate, Chrome, Google

Jecelyn Yeen is a developer advocate at Google working on Chrome DevTools. Her work focuses on the developer tooling ecosystem. When she’s not coding (and avocado-ing), she’s jumping into mysterious sea waters in search of narwhals and mermaids.


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