DZone Refcard - Getting Started with Selenium

Posted Jul 2nd, 2020

New to Selenium? This refcard, by Dave Haeffner, provides a step-by-step walk-through on everything you need to launch Selenium across major web browsers.

This refcard is everything you need if you are new to Selenium and ready to begin your automated testing journey.

Selenium language bindings are available for Java, JavaScript, C#, Python and Ruby.

This refcard walks you through installing the bindings for each of these programming languages, the configurations required to launch a 'brower driver', and the commands and operations. It also explores other aspects of running Selenium tests such as parallel testing, page objects, etc. to help you get started.

The guide was originally authored by Dave Haeffner, a well-recognized name in automated testing circles. It has been updated by Marcus Merrell, director of technical services at Sauce Labs.

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