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See how to use Sauce Labs tools and offerings, and how to integrate automated test code.

Completed tests

See How it Works

Watch this video to see how tests you run locally interact with our Continuous Testing Cloud to help you broaden test coverage and deliver bug-free apps.

Are you or your team new to automated testing? Check out Sauce School and our free training courses in multiple programming languages.

Cross-browser testing

Get test results faster

Run your automated tests in parallel to improve results velocity by 10x or more and give your development teams the fast feedback they need.

Tools for Automation

Leverage your existing test scripts

Quickly and easily update your existing Selenium and Appium scripts to run on the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud.


Optimize CI/CD with automated tests

Seamlessly integrate your Sauce Labs account with the most popular CI/CD tools to kick off automated tests with each build or pull request.

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“Sauce Labs is a great tool for us to have when it comes to delivering high-quality software” - Amit Sainani, QA Manager at eHarmony

eHarmony runs 1,000 tests a day to expand test coverage and ensure bug-free apps.

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