Automate testing at every stage of development to innovate quickly without compromising quality

Continuous testing with Sauce Labs
Continuous testing at every stage

Test at every stage

Run pull request tests, integration tests, and automated end-to-end tests on the Sauce Continuous Testing Cloud.

Continuous testing tools for automation

Develop apps faster

Implement continuous testing to increase release velocity & ship new features at the pace your users demand.

Continuous testing quality test

Delight your users

Release updates with confidence and ensure your customers enjoy software free from defects.

Continuous testing scale

Increase productivity

Continuous testing gives teams fast feedback throughout the development cycle, making debugging fast & easy.

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“Digital acceleration can't happen without better-quality software, and software testing matters more than ever for quality at speed.”

Forrester: The Path To Autonomous Testing: Augment Human Testers First, Jan. 2019

Continuous testing with Sauce Labs

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Continuous testing platform

Single testing platform

The Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud is the most comprehensive test platform available - real devices, mobile emulators & simulators, and desktop browsers, all in one place.

Continuous testing efficiency

Advanced features

Advanced features like test analytics, extended debugging, Sauce Performance & Sauce Headless improve developer productivity and help you ship flawless apps.


Integrate easily

Seamlessly integrate continuous testing into your CI/CD pipeline with plug-ins we've built for the most popular DevOps tools. Kick off tests with each build and pull request.

Continuous testing cloud with Sauce Labs

Ensure digital confidence with continuous testing

The Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud is your single platform solution for all of your testing needs at scale.

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Continuous testing ebook

Continuous testing is a critical requirement for organizations that are shifting left towards CI or CD, both modern development practices that ensure faster time to market.

  • Accelerated release cycles
  • Less bugs reported in production, leading to loyal users
  • Significant savings in both time and money
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Our team of experts will jump-start your move to continuous testing

Advancing your testing approach can be a challenge. But you’re not alone. Our experienced team provides a range of services to help ensure your success.

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