What is Sauce Labs?

Sauce Labs makes software work for everyone, when they want it, everytime. The Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud is the world’s most comprehensive DevOps test toolchain (DevOTT), enabling software development organizations to deliver high-quality web and mobile applications across every browser, OS, device, and API—at speed.

With Sauce Labs, software development teams can perform automated and live testing of web and mobile web applications on thousands of browser and OS combinations, mobile emulators and simulators, and real devices, all from the cloud.

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Why use Sauce Labs?

Today, every brand experience starts online—and on every type of browser, device, and operating system. Software and the quality of the code that delivers that experience or product, has become critical to your brand. Sauce Labs can help you to deliver a trusted and secure digital experience to your customers, at speed.

The ability to develop, deliver, and update high-quality code at speed is the competitive advantage that Sauce Labs can bring to your organization through the industry's most comprehensive cloud-based DevOps test toolchain (DevOTT).

Sauce Labs solutions are available for all organization types and sizes, from enterprise-grade reliability and premium support plans to tailored plans for startups and SMB teams, to open source projects.

Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud

The Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud identifies quality signals across the entire software development and operations lifecycle, from design to development, to integration and production, to provide a continuous loop of feedback that accelerates the ability to release and update web and mobile applications that look, function, and perform as designed on every browser, operating system, device, and API, every time.

Sauce Labs ensures comprehensive test coverage through cross-browser testing, mobile app testing, low-code testing, error reporting, API testing, and visual testing using test frameworks like Selenium, Appium, XCUITest, Cypress, Espresso, Playwright and TestCafe—all in the cloud, all in one place.

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End to end test automation

Sauce Labs’ automated testing capabilities help software development organizations realize the benefits of DevOps and CI/CD by broadening test coverage, getting test results faster, continuously improving, and delivering bug-free apps.

Sauce Labs integrates with Jenkins, Bamboo, Microsoft VSTS, and other continuous integration platforms so you can test as fast as you develop. And, you can instantly share results via Slack or HipChatTM with our simple plugins.

With Sauce Labs visual end-to-end testing, you can test the visual aspects of your application’s UI from end-to-end across different browsers and resolutions. Improve the visual quality of your application and eliminate visual bugs, perform automated visual testing of your application’s UI from end-to-end, and fix any unintended visual changes, all with Sauce Labs.

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Real device testing

Sauce Labs offers both a public and private Real Device Cloud for customers looking to expedite automated and live testing for their mobile apps without compromising code quality. We make new devices and operating systems available upon their release, ensuring your tests keep up with constantly evolving mobile platforms.

The Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud eliminates the need for your organization to buy or maintain servers or mobile devices or update browsers or VM licenses.

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